What is Lead Temperature and how do I use it?

Note: Lead Temperature is available on the Sales Engagement Plan. If you're interested in upgrading, book a demo.

When working with prospects, you may want to prioritize your tasks and outreach by most engaged Leads. With Mailshake's Lead Temperature you'll know exactly which people you'll want to contact first. These temperatures are based on multiple engagement metrics such as opens, clicks, and replies. 

Lead Temperature applies to all prospects in Mailshake. This way you can identify potential leads that might not have automatically opened as a lead based on your Lead Catcher settings. 

Lead Temperature is found on the following pages to make sure you have the right context at your fingertips:

  • Open Tasks
  • Lead Catcher
  • Prospect Page 
  • Campaign Prospect Page

How is Lead Temperature calculated?

Mailshake does all the fancy magic on the back end, but if you like to know the specifics, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. 

By analyzing engagement, Lead Temperature indicates whether a lead is Hot, Warm, or Cold based on meeting all the set criteria below:

  • Cold - No Engagement
    • No Clicks
    • Less than 2 Opens
    • No Replies
    • Warm leads will drop down to Cold status after 45 days of no contact
  • Warm - Some Engagement
    • Opened more than 1 time but less than 4 times
    • Opened and clicked
    • Multiple emails opened
    • Hot leads will drop down to Warm status after 14 days of no contact
  • Hot - Most Engaged 
    • Opened 4 or more times
    • Multiple opens and clicks
    • Opened once and multiple clicks
    • Becomes a Lead or Replies

Why don't I see a Lead Temperature for some or all of my prospects?

  • Prospect hasn't been contacted yet
  • Prospect unsubscribed; lead temperature will be removed if the prospect unsubscribed
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