How do I sync to existing deals/contacts in my CRM?

Mailshake can update your existing deals or contacts in your CRM as long as you use a specific naming convention in your CRM and you map your fields during the import process. 

Make sure to select the Full Name option to map your recipient's name in order for this information to flow from Mailshake to your CRM. If you don't map to the Full Name field, our system won't be able to match up with Deals in your CRM. 

Looking for a template? Check out our starter template here.

The naming requirements (in your CRM) vary depending on the CRM so we've highlighted them below:


  • Contacts: Email Address

*Salesforce currently syncs to Contacts only


  • Contacts/People: Email Address
  • Deals: "First Name Last Name Deal" - for example: Trevor Hanson Deal

*Company Name is not currently synced to Hubspot so deals cannot be matched by Company Name. We will be adding this functionality in the future.


  • Contacts/People: Email Address
  • Deals (two options): 
    • "First Name Last Name Deal" - for example: "Trevor Hanson Deal"
    • "Company Name Deal" - for example: "Mailshake Deal"
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