Setting Up a New Domain (Google and Microsoft)

Google Workspaces (formerly GSuite) allows you to set up emails along with your main domain. But when you're doing outreach and sending out email campaigns, protecting your main domain’s reputation is important. 

We recommend that you use a different domain for email outreach to help protect your main domain. You can set this up as an alias as we go over in the guide below, however for even more protection, the best option is to create a separate Google Workspaces account.

Example 1: Your domain is not protected

  • Your main email address:
  • Your cold outreach email address:
    • This one doesn’t require the purchase of a new domain. However, it exposes the reputation of your main domain.

Example 2: Your domain is protected

  • Your cold email outreach domain email address:
  • Your cold email outreach domain email address #2:
    • These are just two examples of what your new alias domain could look like, which would require the purchase of these new domains.

Purchasing a new domain

There are several websites you can use to purchase a new domain: 

For this tutorial, we’ll be using Namecheap.

They all have the same deliverability, so you can pick your favorite or look for the one that has the best price on your domain.

When creating an alias domain, you should consider what kind of business you are and what kinds of services you offer. If you're an artificial intelligence company, you should consider using ai in your domain or buying a .ai domain. If you're in database, network, or tech, you might consider using a .net domain or including net in your alias domain. 

Google Workspaces - Domain Setup

To add a new domain or email address to your Google Workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Once in the dashboard – which the previous step's link should take you to – go to domains
  3. Select add domain
  4. Name your domain - something very similar to your actual domain (for instance, and
  5. Once you've created an alias domain, you'll need to hop back on Google Workspaces, add it to your platform, and verify ownership. Click here to see how to do this.
    1. To verify ownership of the domain, Google Workspaces will generate a TXT Record for you to add to your DNS records.
    2. Once the record has been added to your DNS records, you can save it, go back to Google Workspaces, and click “Verify”.
  6. Once the domain ownership is verified, you have successfully set up a new alias domain. Use this new alias domain for your email outreach.

Office365 - Domain Setup

See Microsoft's tutorial here

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with an Admin account
  2. Go to Settings > Domains
  3. Add Domain
    1. Enter the name of the domain
  4. Here you will need to verify ownership of the domain. This can be done with a TXT DNS record or via email verification – it will depend on what website you used to register your domain. We show you how to do it with TXT DNS records since this works for all different domain manager websites.
  5. At this point, you will also have to complete the rest of the DNS records set up here
  6. Give it a few minutes as it can sometimes take a while, then click verify. 
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