Conversion tracking with Mailshake.js

Mailshake.js is a feature that lets you put JavaScript on your site so you can track when your recipients convert by taking specific actions.  Please visit this page within Mailshake to learn about how to get started. Below are our frequently asked questions:

Can different pages on my site work differently?

Yes! Each of your pages can include the Mailshake.js script with different options. Your entry page could create "open" leads and your "thank you" page could mark your leads as "won."

Will tracking work if the recipient visits multiple pages?

As long as you haven't disabled cookies in your Mailshake.js options, tracking will work even as your recipient clicks around your site. The Mailshake.js JavaScript must be present on the entry page and the page where the visitor takes a tracked action.

What is an "annotation?"

When marking leads as "Won" you can attach an annotation. For instance, one button tags the lead with watched-video and another with donated. Annotations show up in Mailshake for any recipient's history as well as in campaign exports.

Does this work for my recipients on mobile devices?

Yes, indeed.

Can I install this on tools I use (calendar booking, etc)?

Maybe. Say you want to include a link in your Mailshake campaign where the recipient can book a calendar event with you. It would be great if they became an "Open" lead when they visited that link and a "Won" lead when they successfully booked an event. You could even annotate the win with "booked-event". 
The key is, A) does the tool let you customize the HTML that's displayed to the recipient and B) is that customized HTML immediately displayed when the recipient clicks the link in your email and C) is there a final "thank you" page that the recipient is sent to on success?
In technical terms, the Mailshake.js script must be present at the immediate landing of the recipient and on the final page where they've taken a successful action. For placement on the thank you page, tweak your embed options for Mailshake.js to have a default lead status of "Won" instead of "Open."

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