What does "exclude duplicates" mean in Zapier?

The "New Open" and "New Click" triggers for Mailshake in Zapier have an optional filter called "Exclude Duplicates?" Here's how this filter affects when these triggers fire:

New Open

Excluding duplicates means that when someone opens the same message multiple times, only the first time (per message) fires this trigger. It's very common for mail clients to send several opens of an email based on how the user is clicking around in the app and you may not care about all the extra opens.

New Click

Excluding duplicates means that for an exact link the trigger will only fire the first time. However, if the same link is clicked in several of your campaign's emails, it will fire once per message.

Some examples:

  • User clicks "https://mycompany.com" 3 times in the first email you send: "New Click" fires once
  • User clicks "https://mycompany.com" and "https://mycompany.com/" in the first email: "New Click" fires twice because the urls are not 100% the same
  • User clicks "https://mycompany.com" in the first email and again in the second email: "New Click" fires twice because it was clicked once in both emails
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