How do I handle a lead?

What lead statuses mean:

  • Open: this lead needs to be handled.
  • Won or Lost: Choose one of these when you've handled the lead and want to close it. This helps you keep tabs on how well your campaigns are doing!
  • Ignored: this is lead that didn't pan out but that you doesn't really fall into the lost category.
  • Forwarded: when you have an open lead, and you "forward" them through Mailshake, they get assigned to the 'forwarded' status.

You can mark a lead as Won, Lost, or Ignored by clicking on your open lead then clicking the Lead Action button when viewing your open lead. 

Assigning leads:

A lead can be assigned to you, one of your teammates, or "Unassigned" meaning anyone can take it. Leads will automatically be assigned to whichever teammate the Campaign was assigned to but you can manually change this for any open lead.

Move a lead to a new campaign.

You can now move a lead into another campaign from within your lead catcher! You can move them as you reply to them individually by clicking 'extra actions' and selecting the campaign you'd like them moved to.

You can also bulk move leads to a new campaign! 

How to change a lead status

If you want to edit a lead status from a lead. You will want to click the checkbox next to the lead or leads you want to move, and then a menu will pop up with the option to "Change Status":

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