I'm pasting content from another program such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.

We don't recommend pasting email content from other programs like Microsoft Word or because it can cause bizarre formatting when your emails are sent. Text editor formatting can vary and copy and pasting retains formatting from the previous source which can interfere with the text editor your pasting into.

We have two recommendations here:

1) Compose your emails directly in our email editor and don't paste anything into the body of the message.

2) If using a program like Microsoft Word is an integral part of your flow, we recommend that you avoid using any special formatting like bold, lists, etc. When you copy-paste your content into Mailshake, we recommend pasting without formatting which can be done on Windows by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + V or in Macs by pressing CMD + SHIFT + V. You can then make any necessary text formatting directly in our editor.

Note: Even just copy and pasting a signature into the body of the message text or the signature field on the Mail Accounts page can cause odd formatting issues. We recommend pasting without formatting (see above) and then add in text formatting in Mailshake.
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