How do I set up reply-based follow-ups?

Reply follow-ups are a great way to ensure your recipients engage. Replies will only be sent to people have have not already replied to either your initial campaign message or one of the earlier replies*. Unsubscribed and bounced recipients won't receive any follow-ups. 

* You can choose the trigger to cancel a reply: either an open, a reply, or either.

After writing your initial email, click on "Add Reply":

When you set up a reply, you have a few options to consider:

  • Reply X days after... The reply in our example below will get sent 3 days after the first email.
  • Unless we receive: This email will NOT be sent if the recipient replies to the original email. You can choose cancelling this email based on getting 1) a reply, 2) an open, or 3) a reply OR an open.

You can set additional follow-ups, like having another reply to go out 4 days after that last reply. A reply by your recipient to any email in the chain will stop this email from getting sent.


Can you change the subject line of a reply follow-up?
At the moment, no, but we are working on this. 

How is this different from a Drip follow-up?
1) Reply-based follow-ups are always sent as a reply to the previous message and 2) Drip follow-ups are always sent even if the recipient replies to one of your earlier messages.

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