Send emails from an alias

Email addresses in our examples below:
Google account:
Email address we want to send from:

1. In Gmail, set up "send mail as"

In your Gmail settings, you can add aliases to enable sending from other accounts.
In our account, we will add as an alias.

We found this video that walks through the process (not affiliated with Mailshake).

2. Forward all mail from your alias to Google

All incoming mail to your alias must be forwarded to your Google account so that we can detect replies. Without this step, we will be unable to report reply statistics and any follow-up rules based on replies will not work properly.

Important note for Outlook:

To work with an Outlook address, you must set up a rule to "redirect" your mail, not "forward" it.  See this article for more on this.

3. Test that it works

From an outside email address, send an email to your alias address ( Go into your Google account ( and make sure that the email shows up in your inbox. 

4. Add the alias in Mailshake

Now you can add an alias in Mailshake by clicking "Mail accounts" in the left menu (you must be a team admin to do this).

5. Finishing up

In the finishing step of this action, just give us the email address of your alias ( We will attempt to send an email from this address and check your Google account ( to make sure it worked.

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