Warm Up Your Email - How do I grant access to my Gmail account?

When connecting a Gmail or GSuite (Google Workspaces) email address, you'll need to grant access to all listed permissions when prompted.

If you see the following error message in your account, this means that you did not grant all permissions and your emails will not start sending until you reconnect and grant all permissions.

Grant access to your Gmail or GSuite account

If you've already connected your mail account and you see the error above, follow these steps to correct it:

  1. Click the blue + Add SMTP Settings button
  2. Click Gmail, then click Next 
  3. Click Connect GSuite Account - this will also work for @gmail.com accounts
    - Only click Next if you wish to add SMTP settings manually (Not Recommended)
  4. Select your email account on the list that displays or select "Use Another Account" to log into the account you'd like to connect
  5. Make sure to select the last checkbox in the list of permissions Warm Up Your Email needs in order to send emails on your behalf, then click Continue 

  6. If you successfully connected, you'll see this confirmation message.

Are you still having trouble after granting all permissions?

It can take up to an hour or so for sending to start - make sure to refresh the analytics page because it doesn't automatically update. If you've been waiting a few hours and sending still hasn't started despite following the steps above, we recommend trying the following:

  • Enable Less Secure Apps in your Google Account. Follow Google's steps here.
  • Contact Google's Support and ask them why your mail account is denying access to a third-party platform. 
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