Warm Up Your Email - How do I get my free account?

Not a Mailshake subscriber yet? If you're interested in the best way to automate your email outreach and turn more cold prospects into warm leads, check out Mailshake.

If you're a current Mailshake subscriber, you get a free Warmupyour.email account to warm up your email addresses. 

Don't have a Mailshake account? If you're looking for the best way to automate your email outreach and turning cold prospects into warm leads, learn more about starting a Mailshake account.

Warming up your email helps with deliverability and avoiding the spam folder. To learn more about deliverability, join us for one of our Deliverability Live Sessions.

How to redeem

  1. In your Mailshake account, click Tools in the left sidebar menu
  2. Click Get your free account under the Email Warm Up tool

  3. You'll see your coupon code display - click Copy to copy the code

  4. Next click Open Signup Page to open up Warmupyour.email

  5. On the sign up page that appears, enter your name, the email address you want to use to login (this can be different than the email addresses you want to send from), and a password. Select the "I agree" checkbox and click Get Started!

  6. Enter the coupon code, select the plan type (coupon works for all types) and enter your credit card (see note below) and click Add Payment Method

Why do you ask for a credit card if the account is free? The billing system requires a card to be on file for all subscriptions, even if you're entering in a coupon code that covers the full fee. Rest assured you will not be billed for your account because the coupon we provide covers all of the available plan types in full. 
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