What's new with how emails are scheduled?

On May 22nd, 2019, Mailshake launched a totally revamped way of scheduling how emails get sent. For existing customers, here's what you need to know.

Your current campaigns will continue working as before until July 3nd when they'll automatically be upgraded. Or you can upgrade now by doing the following:

  1. Click "Campaigns" in the sidebar
  2. Click "Sending Calendar"
  3. Choosing your mail account(s) in the list
  4. Click the "Upgrade Mail Account" button

Ok, now onto what's changed:

What's going away:

  • Each recipient list added to a campaign had its own (optional) rules for spacing out sends (send x emails every y minutes)
  • Each recipient list had its own timezone setting to calculate scheduled send times
  • With each follow-up message you created, you set a time-of-day for sending those messages (send reply 1 at 8:05am)
  • When viewing pending messages for a recipient, Mailshake showed an exact scheduled send time

New hotness:

Everything has been really simplified, yet at the same time you have a lot more power:

  • For each mail account you hook up, you can tweak sending settings such as:
    • The max number of emails we should send per day
    • A timezone for calculating sending times
    • Rules for spacing out sends throughout the day or sending them as fast as possible
    • A time window for when sending should take place (ergo, only during office hours)
    • Days to block out (for instance, don't send on weekends)
  • Based on those rules (and Mailshake's great defaults make this easy), your campaigns's sends will get optimized
  • You'll get a calendar to visualize when messages will be sent

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