How do I fix missing text replacements?

Let's say you want to use the replacement {{favorite_food}} in your emails, but you're finding out that some of your recipients don't have that field. Here's a reminder on how replacements work

Option #1: Re-upload your recipients

If you are still in the initial setup process of your campaign, go back to the "Recipients" step and delete your recipients. If you've already passed through the wizard but your recipients haven't been sent yet, you can delete your recipients in the second screenshot below.

If you've already created your campaign:

WARNING: If sending has already started, it is not recommended to do this because you could inadvertently send duplicate emails.

Then edit your spreadsheet to make sure everyone has a value for the  favorite_food column. Re-upload your recipient list and if you caught all of the missing replacements, everything should be all corrected.

Option #2: Edit your messages

The next easiest thing to do is to simply reword your messages to not use the failing text replacements:

Option #3: Create fallback text

This option a bit advanced, but is nice because it uses fallback text for recipients with missing text replacements.

Option #4: Edit messages one-by-one

The final option is to simply edit emails one by one to fix missing text replacements. The steps are different if you're creating a new campaign versus if you're editing an existing campaign:

If you're on the "Personalize" step of creating a campaign:

The top of your page will look like this:

Here you'll see your recipients and be able to edit any message to see if there are broken text replacements. You can simply edit the message manually and then click "Save" to fix these:

If you don't find them all, you'll see a warning before sending your campaign:

If you choose to send your campaign at this point, Mailshake will NOT send to those recipients that have missing text replacements. This way a few recipients don't prevent you from sending to the rest of your list.

Once your campaign has been fully set up:

Mailshake makes it easy to find these recipients that need to have their replacements fixed by putting a red exclamation point on the "Recipients" tab:

When you click on individual recipients, you can go to their "Pending Messages" tab and make corrections like so:

Once you fix these problems, any messages that are ready to send will automatically start sending!

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